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Pupils given free iPhones for trials

December 13th, 2009

While most schools ban the use of mobile phones in the classroom Gumley House Convent School in Hounslow have begun to use the phones in class for the next seven months.

Brentford City Learning Centre (CLC) is to run the trial along with technology company Academia, following a two year independent research project on the use of technology in learning carried out by Professor Michael Gibson, formerly head of education at Kingston University. Gumley House was selected after a competition to design the classroom of the future revealed a high interest in technology among pupils. Continue Reading »

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michael thomsen

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barablu on iPhone and iPod Touch

September 14th, 2009

barablu is now available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

You can get it by going to our download section which will direct you to the Apple Itunes store.

We hope you will enjoy it. Please give us your feedback, as we rely on your comments and ideas to make sure we keep providing the best VoIP solution.

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michael thomsen

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Voice for Java across all Platforms and 100 New Devices Supported

January 29th, 2009

A few weeks ago we launched voice for Java and promised to give you the voice feature for almost all our supported Java devices.  Our development team have been very busy making this happen, and I am happy to tell you that the porting has been done and that nearly all Java devices should now support voice calls. To see how you can make cheap calls from your Java phone please click here.

We have also updated our list of supported handsets lately. We have added no less than 100 devices to our list. You can find them all here.

We try to keep our list of supported handsets up to date but sometimes there are phones that might be left out, so if you don’t see your phone on your list you can try to select a similar model and see if barablu runs on your device. If you have any doubts please contact our support team – They can help you and verify whether your phone is supported or not.

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michael thomsen

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Voice Calls for Java is here

January 16th, 2009

If you have ever browsed through our supported handsets on the download page, selected your mobile phone, and noticed an annoying little red notification message saying: “This phone supports chat, sms and sending files, but not voice calls” – Well, then we have very good news for you.
We will remove this little annoying message, so you will never have to see it again – Yes! Barablu does now support voice for Java (J2ME) devices listed on our download page, so you can now call your friends on barablu for Free! Java voice is available for Nokia and Blackberry and other platforms like LG, Samsung and SonyEricsson will follow very soon.

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michael thomsen


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Kogan to offer the second-ever Android phone

December 15th, 2008

Australien based company Kogan recently announced that it would be the second company to offer phones based on Google’s Android platform.

The Phone is available for international pre-order, but unfortunately it will not ship until the end of January, so if you thought you had just found your final x-mas present I’m afraid I’ll have to dissapoint you.  The phone itself shows some promise, though – It features a 624 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, wi-fi, 2 MP camera and 400 minutes of talk time, along with a 2.5” touchscreen, microSD slot, and 3G connectivity. It promises to be a worthy rival and great alternative to T-Mobile’s G1.

The Kogan Agora and T-Mobile G1 can look forward to some significant competition as it was recently announced that 14 new members will join the “Open Handset Alliance” including Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, and Vodafone Group Plc. They are joining a list of members that also include companies like HTC, Motorola, T-Mobile, and Intel. This means that we can surely look forward to a bunch of new exciting devices next year running the Android OS.

I’m sure you will all be happy to know that here at barablu we are working on a barablu version for Android. Our developers are working very hard and we are expecting to be able to offer it to you in the year to come. By the time we are going to offer barablu for Android we hope you will have a wide range of Android based devices to choose from.

Written by
michael thomsen

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